The Process

Your Premier Gold Bullion Dealer in Houston

We Buy & Sell Gold Bullion

Houston Gold Spot is your premier Houston, TX, dealer for gold coins, gold jewelry, dental gold, and gold bars. Based on true market value we guarantee you the highest payout possible.

Here’s how our in-house process works:

  • Once it’s received, your item is evaluated under security cameras to determine its value.
  • We weigh your item on a certified scale and record the results.
  • Your item is tested to determine its precious metal content and the results recorded.
  • We determine your item’s total cash value based on true market value.
  • We let you know the amount of our cash offer.
  • Walk-ins that accept our purchase offer get paid cash instantly. Those who send us items are mailed a cashier’s check usually within 24 hours.

Sell Us Your Other Precious Metals & Gems Too!

Not only do we purchase gold bullion, Houston Gold Spot will also buy your diamonds and other gemstones, silver bullion, and scrap platinum in any condition. Bring us your fine watches, designer jewelry, and rare coins (dated 1964 and earlier), and we’ll make you a fair purchase offer right on the spot.

At Houston Gold Spot, our goal is making your selling experience as fast, easy and hassle-free as possible. If you can’t visit our private, secure Houston, TX, office we also conveniently offer safe and secure postal system deliveries from anywhere in the US. For more details contact us today!