How To Sell Used Jewelry In Houston Without Getting Ripped Off

Even though your accessories may not be worth a king’s ransom, you can still get a good price for them. Chances are that they’re highly valuable. Disposing off your ornaments is a good way to make some extra cash. Here’s how to sell used jewelry in Houston without getting ripped off.

Don’t sell to a middleman

When trading your treasures, avoid dealing with middlemen. Do business with a big store who have a customer base to buy the gems. When you trade with a middleman, they’ll not offer you the top most price, since they also have to offer it for sale to a bigger store. Find the end buyer, like us, and cut out the agent.

Check reviews

The best way to know that you’re dealing with a genuine trader is to check out reviews. If other people have positive responses, this is a good sign. Reputable buyers will offer you a fair price.

Have it evaluated

We buy gold coins only after having them carefully evaluated. A professional assessment is a critical step that shouldn’t be skipped. Once we’ve done the inspection, we’ll give you an offer based on the perceived value of the item. We also consider the current market price when setting the price. If you’re content with the offered price, we make on-the-spot payment.

Bring your certifications

To sell gold bullion, bring any certifications or paperwork you have about the piece. The paperwork will provide more information about the item so that we know exactly what we’re purchasing. Examples of documents to bring include certificates that show that the piece is genuine. This will help to fetch a better rate for you.

Get it professionally cleaned

Have the item professionally cleaned first. This will make them look more attractive to the buyer. This will result in a better fee for you.